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Thunderbolt carpet cleaning is a top rated atlanta carpet cleaning company


Duluth Water Damage Restoration


Act Fast!!!!

When disaster strikes, delay in response time can cost thousands of dollars in scrapped inventory, damaged property, and lost sales. Without a quick emergency response, water damaged items become unsalvageable, costing thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Additionally by completely drying water damaged interiors, Thunderbolt Duluth can minimize the amount of major reconstruction required.


Areas that become water-soaked create high ambient humidity that can impact un-flooded areas. This can lead to deterioration of timber, sheetrock, electrical wiring, metal components, paint and wallpaper. Through prompt implementation of proper drying techniques these negative outcomes can often be minimized or prevented.


Water damage can be progressive, it is imperative to get competent emergency services to deal with your water damage problem. The faster that a crew sucks up the water and positions proper dehumidification equipment the faster that our life will return to normal


Water Removal Duluth Ga

Structural damage from flooding costs over $1 billion a year annually in repairs, lost furniture and electronics, and other damage-related costs. What most home owners arent aware of is that water damage does not ONLY affect electronics and furniture. Quite the opposite, in fact; water damage generally causes more structural damage to homes than damage by fire or wind. In fact, in extreme cases, water damage from simple flooding (not even violent storm water) can cause so much structural damage to a home that the house needs to be torn down. This can occur with as little as five feet of flooding in a bungalow style house.


Structures most commonly affected by water damage include:


  • The foundation. Concrete begins to cleave and crack when exposed to water. This can cause structural problems including problems with support beams, leading to warped floors and other issues.
  • Walls. When walls are exposed to water damage, the pressure of water on the walls can create enough tension to lead to cracks and other damage. .
  • Plumbing. If water gets near your drainage pipes you could have a problem with leakage.


We have provided the following services in Duluth, Ga: Water Damage Restoration, Sewage Extraction, and Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With instantaneous response, prompt action, years of experience and a highly proficient staff, we are specialized to help recover and restore your property and minimize your inconvenience.



Thunderbolt carpet cleaning is a top rated atlanta carpet cleaning company

Thunderbolt Carpet Cleaning has been proudly servicing all of Metro Duluth since 2004. We are committed to excellence and exceeding your expectations.


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